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Eurocord is a European Association of Rope, Twine, Nets and related manufacturers, their suppliers and their affiliate industries. It is however key to the Association all these operations are initiated in a market economy condition. Its core aims are, related to the considered industries, to:

  • Study common problems of general interest
  • Defend the EU members against unfair competition
  • Promote dialogue and exchange in the fields of common interest between its industries
  • Gather and disseminate between its members publicly available technical information

Eurocord has active Technical Committees, which are focused on the ongoing development of  international standards, guidelines, test methods, and other technical documents for rope, cordage, and twine products.

Technical meetings are held three times per year and any interested Eurocord member is welcome to attend. There is no charge, except for the registration fee for the annual conference. Click on CALENDER to find the dates and locations. (hier moeten we dan de plaats en data van de verschillende comités vermelden).

Eurocord’s Constitution Act and Articles of Association are available in the MEMBER'S AREA.