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Key People

Board of Directors

Caroline VAN BEELEN, CEO at Van Beelen Group, has the Eurocord Function: President. Van Beelen Group BV is located in the Netherlands and can be reached via




 Luis Teixeira, CPO at Cotesi has the Eurocord Function: Vice-President. Cotesi is located in Portugal and can be reached via




Rudi Labeau, CEO at Bexco has the Eurocord Function: Treasurer. Bexco is located in Belgium and can be reached via


Florian Teufelberger, Executive Director at Teufelberger Group has the Eurocord Function: EU Liaison. Teufelberger Group is located in Austria and can be reached via





Antonio BRUCO, Business Director at Honeywell Specialty, has the Eurocord Function: Board Member. Honeywell Specialty is located in France and can be reached via



Barbara DANAK, Commercial Director/ Non- Automotive at Nexis Fibers, has the Eurocord Function: Board Member.  Nexis Fibers Headquarters, Production is located in Slovakia and can be reached via




Veronika Aspelund, Business Manager at Wilhelmsen group, has the Eurocord Function: Board Member. Wilhelmsen group is located in Norway and can be reached via



Philippe Verschueren, Secretary General. Eurocord is located in Belgium and can be reached via





Jaibora Gusatto, Assistant to the Secretary General. Eurocord is located in Belgium and can be reached via


Antonio Freitas, Technical Director. Eurocord is located in Belgium and can be reached via