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IS A COMPOSTABLE PLASTIC BIODEGRADABLE IN THE SEA? - A rapid standard protocol to test mineralization in marine conditions.

Eurocord, together with some of its members, is deeply involved in the EU-project Glaukos project in search of new biobased or biodegradable material, both for marine-used ropes and nets, as well as for textile applications in T-shirts.

One of Glaukos’ partners, the Centro de Investigación Mariña - CIM Uvigo, has just published article. The paper presents a simple and rapid standard protocol based on their biological oxygen demand, intended to support policy-makers and plastic industry in the search for truly marine-biodegradable plastics.

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Wrapping up all the efforts Eurocord and its members, along with other stakeholders, have spent so far in the framework of the Single Use Plastics Directive, issued in June 2019, please find below a sharp description by Quentin Bates, an English novelist.

He found his way into journalism after a seagoing career as deckhand and mate on various trawlers, as well as a mercifully brief spell as ship's cook. After turning to writing for a living he has travelled and written for a number of marine industry publications and websites, a.o. World Fishing Network and Hook & Net.

"While producers have already made their own efforts to bring fishing gear into the circular economy, the message from those already working on this is that there is a need for the industry itself to contribute to this on a collective basis."  - Quentin Bates.

Quentin tells the story from an experienced standpoint, analyses the different steps taken up to now and warns for whatever is more to come (Extended Producers Liability).

Worthwhile reading, it can be an eye-opener for the profane, or at least frame the picture for the curious on the issue. 

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