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200 Years of Gleistein, 200 Years of Trust

Steering into the future: Gleistein connects tradition with cutting-edge fibre rope technology.

23rd April, 2024

Gleistein celebrates a remarkable achievement – its 200th anniversary!

Founded in an era of maritime ropes, Gleistein has evolved into a global leader in advanced fiber rope solutions. Their heritage in traditional ropes has fueled their rise to prominence. Deep industry knowledge and state-of-the-art facilities allow them to cater to diverse markets, from superyachts to arboriculture. Gleistein embraces its history while looking forward.


Congratulations to Gleistein family on their impressive 200-year milestone!

Eurocord Spring Meeting - Meeting in Brussels Focuses on Sustainability and Collaboration

25th March, 2024

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - EUROCORD hosted another successful meeting in Brussels, bringing together industry members and invited speakers for a productive exchange. Both in-person and virtual attendees participated in discussions centered on sustainability and collaborative efforts for the future.

We are grateful to the members and invited speakers for their interesting presentations. Your input is valuable to our industry:


Bernard Le Moine (APE EUROPE)

Noor Hossain (TEIJIN ARAMID)

Koen Van Goethem (I-COATS)

Loet Hoppe (I-COATS)Danielle Stenvers (SAMSON ROPES)Antonio Freitas (EUROCORD)

Karel Devos (BEXCO)

Vanessa Montagne (ECOLOGIC FRANCE)

Alena Petrikovicova (DG MARE, EC)

Take a look at our members area and access the PDF presentations (latest meetings):




NEWSLETTER - Our latest newsletter is out and accessible to everyone

17th December, 2023

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - We gladly have sent to our members by email. Simply drop us a message in the inbox, and we'll gladly share it with you: 


Eurocord Mid-term Meeting - Shaping the Future of Our Industry

24th October, 2023

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM - In our recently held mid-term meeting, October this year, we addressed pressing issues that are shaping the future of our industry. This meeting demonstrated our commitment to progress, collaboration, and the exchange of knowledge.

Trade Defense: One of the key topics on our agenda was trade defense. We came together to discuss strategies aimed at safeguarding our interests and promoting fair trade practices. The presentation on Commercial Defense by Brian Petter (CIRFS) led us to facing the awareness of heavy and expensive procedures, long and demanding tasks from all parties involved, which could present a significant barrier for our sector. As cases get more complicated due to circumvention practices, it is key to have a good cooperation between the Commission and the industry.

EPR Scheme:  Alena Petrikovicova, Policy officer at the Directorate General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries in the EU, gave us a presentation regarding the state of play on this matter. By the end of 2024 Member States are expected to have their own EPR scheme ready, but up to now, we see a lot of work still has to be done by them.

Technical Committees Revisited: Furthermore, our meeting addressed the future of technical working groups within our association. These groups have been instrumental in driving innovation and advancing in our industry. Suggestions were made to reorganize the group.

Our association remains dedicated to progress, collaboration, and the exchange of knowledge. As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible, stay tuned for updates on our impactful work in driving positive change and forging a brighter future for the rope, netting, and twine sector.

- Take a look at our members area and access the PDF presentations (latest meetings):



NGR (Next Generation Group) Acquires a Majority Share of Hydrodyn.

7th August, 2023

ATLANTA, UNITED STATES - The recycling equipment manufacturer has acquired a majority share in HydroDyn, a supplier of cleaning and purification equipment.

According to the 2021 C&S report of the CPA , the non-packaging agricultural sector in Europe is lacking 550KT of recycling capacities, equivalent of 350KT of polymers. The Circular Plastics Alliance  is welcoming the acquisition by NGR of the majority share of Hydrodyn as an alliance of a major operator in the sector, NGR, with a highly innovative plastics cleaning providing high purity of recycled plastics, Hydrodyn. Dedicated to agri-plastics , such a reconciliation is natural to consolidate the agri-plastics recycling sector and improve the integrated ratio of recyclates into new productsThe strategic partnership is expected to complement Next Generation’s existing portfolio of plastics recycling equipment, particularly in post-consumer recycling.

NGR:                                                                  Hydrodyn :


Hampidjan floats on stock market

12th June, 2023

REYKJAVÍK, ICELAND - Trading in Hampidjan shares has commenced on the Nasdaq Iceland Main Market, with the group’s CEO Hjörtur Erlendsson ringing the bell in the company Reykjavík workshops to signal the moment. - Quentin Bates

Hampiðjan is the eleventh company to be admitted to trading on Nasdaq’s Nordics markets in 2023. The company has been a listed company in Iceland since 1993, including on Nasdaq‘s First North Growth Market in Iceland.

‘The move from the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Iceland to the Main Market in Iceland is important step for Hampiðjan,’ Hjörtur Erlendsson said.

‘The successful offering of new share capital last week, together with the listing on the Main Market, enables us to fully utilise the synergy opportunities inherent in our recent acquisition of the Norwegian company Mørenot and achieve optimisation of the company’s operations. Extensive knowledge of fishing gear and fish farming together with strong product development has put us in the forefront of companies that serve those  important sectors, and we want to continue on the same path and reinforce Hampiðjan even further. We are truly pleased to see that investors share our vision and warmly welcome new shareholders on board.’

Hampiðjan’s history goes back to 1934 and for much of its existence it served primarily fishing businesses in Iceland with gear, netting and chandlery – before expanding domestically and internationally in the 1990s. Today the Hampiðjan group consists of 51 companies, with service at 76 locations in 21 geographical areas, and is a leader in developing and servicing products for the fisheries, aquaculture and offshore industries. The group has a staff of around 2000.

‘We proudly welcome Hampiðjan to the Main Market of Nasdaq Iceland and at the same time celebrate the company’s 30-year milestone as a listed company,’ said Magnús Harðarson, President of Nasdaq Iceland.

‘We congratulate Hampiðjan on its share offering, and we look forward to supporting them on their ongoing journey as a listed company, through increased visibility and investor access as a Main Market company.’

Learn more: 


Eurocord Annual Meeting 2023 - Energizing days: gratitude to our participants and speakers.

15th June, 2023

BARDOLINO, ITALY - Two days filled with enthusiasm, inspiration, debates, and unforgettable memories.

It was great to have a full room last week in Bardolino at our  EUROCORD ANNUAL MEETING 2023.  We are extremely grateful to all the participants and speakers who brought such interesting discussions and recommendations for the industry. 

We look ahead to our next encounter at ourMid-term Meeting which will take place in Brussels, October this year.

- Thank you to our associate members for their support in making our memorable gala dinner possible. Also, a special thank you goes out to the Italian members for their gracious hospitality during our welcome dinner.



FibrXL Annouces the Acquisition of Eurotexfilati SRL in Italy

11th May, 2023

ALMERE, THE NETHERLANDS - FibrXL – a Dutch and US-based distributor and converter of High Tenacity Yarns – announces the acquisition of Eurotexfilati SRL in Italy. The transaction is in line with FibrXL’s strategic plan to become the largest worldwide high-tenacity fibre distribution platform.

Eurotexfilati, founded in 1975, generates medium and High Tenacity synthetic fibres for various applications in the industrial market as well as for textile purposes. The company is headquartered in Dro, Italy, and has a subsidiary office in Istanbul, Turkey. Eurotexfilati is a converter and distributor of yarns and plays a key role in the value chain of fiber waste recycling. It serves clients mainly in Italy, Spain, Turkey, and the Baltics of products that are sourced across the globe. Eurotexfilati will become part of the FibrXL Group, which will lead to a total estimated revenue of over EUR 115 million with in total of 97 FTE.

With this acquisition, FibrXL strengthens its position in the many-to-many market while it remains eager to expand its footprint across the markets it serves. The combination benefits from scale and scope in procurement and sales toward existing and new clients. FibrXL expects to complete this transaction before the end of June 2023.

FibrXL is a Dutch-based distributor and converter of High Tenacity yarns such as polyester, polyamide, Dyneema®, Prisma™, Twaron, and Technora for various industrial applications in Europe, Africa, and North America. The synthetic yarns hold specific properties and are used in offshore-, automotive- and geotextile industries, as well as the packaging, strapping-, rope- and net industries.

Strategy going forward

Over the coming years, FibrXL expects to further accelerate growth through a combination of strategic focus on High Tenacity yarns, geographical expansion, and targeted bolt-on acquisitions. FibrXL is the market leader in its core markets and optimally positioned to benefit from the strong growth in the market for both premium yarns, such as Dyneema® and Twaron, and High Tenacity yarns, such as polyester and polyamide. In addition, plans for the roll-out of warehouses and offices in strategic locations are ready to be deployed. Lastly, there still exist several opportunities for bolt-on acquisitions in both Europe and North America.


Jeroen Drenth, CEO of the FibrXL Group, states: “Eurotexfilati is a very much welcome add-on to our group, led by a strong management team supported by a team of highly skilled staff with a deep knowledge of the market and end-users they serve. As such, Eurotexfilati will be able to make a difference and offer value add to our clients in Europe and the Middle East. For FibrXL, this is only the beginning; we are determined to expand our footprint organically and through acquisitions”. Walter Perini, Chairman of Eurotexfilati, stated: “We are ready to take the next step as part of FibrXL, for us they are the ideal partner to help us grow and use the expertise and scale to become a more dominant player in EMEA”. Walter Perini and Gianluca Zanivan will remain as management of FibrXL Italy Srl and will further contribute to the growth of FibrXL.

About FibrXL

FibrXL is a leading distributor of High Tenacity yarns, such as polyester, polyamide, Aramid, and Synthetic continuous filament yarns that are used in ropes, strappings, and fabrics. Over the last twenty-five years, FibrXL has become the leading distributor of industrial yarns in Europe, Africa, and North America. The company serves over a thousand customers yearly through its network of branch offices and warehouses strategically placed over three continents. It plays an important role in a many-to-many market, connecting fibre producers to a wide array of product manufacturers serving a variety of end markets. FibrXL’s customer-oriented distribution model is underpinned by its strong focus on competitive pricing, fast deliveries, and extensive yet balanced stocks. FibrXL is a portfolio company of Active Capital Company.



Lankhorst Improves Offshore Splicing Procedure for LankoDeep Rope

16th February, 2023

SNEEK, THE NETHERLANDS - Lankhorst Offshore has developed a new DNV Endorsement of Qualification Plan End-to-End rope splice for its LankoDeep rope.

If the LankoDeep needs to be spliced offshore using certified personnel, an end-to-end splice can be made up quickly, allowing offshore handling operations to continue uninterrupted.

The company says there previously had been no DNV-qualified splicing method for deepwater deployment and recovery systems. Its new procedure is under DNV Technology qualification management and verification DNV-SE-0160.

LankoDeep, based on Dyneema DM20 XBO optimized for cyclic bending, features 12 strands each comprising a three-strand rope. This construction, combined with the yarn coating, reduces internal heating and abrasion, the company said.

The system is designed for deepwater lowering and recovery operations, allowing engineers to lift and deploy the maximum load, without the need to factor in the weight associated with steel wire ropes.

“Neutrally buoyant LankoDeep allows operators to maximize the lifting capacity of their crane during deepwater deployment and recovery,” said Sergio Leite, sales director with Lankhorst Offshore.


LankoDeep deepwater deployment rope



Can Fiber Ever Fully Replace Steel Rope? 

5th December, 2022

KIRKEL-LIMBACH, GERMANY -  Maybe, but manufacturers will have challenges to overcome in the years ahead.

American Cranes & Transport interviewed Andreas Schmeiss, WireCo Senior Vice President for Global Cranes, for a recently published feature article looking at the advantages and disadvantages of fiber rope application as an alternative to more traditional steel products. He provided in-depth industry insight on practical current uses for synthetics in crane and winch systems, while also looking at the reality of the current market.

“In some cases, steel is the clear winner. In other cases, fiber,” Schmeiss told the reporter. “Advanced coatings might one day tip the balance in favor of synthetics, but, for now, it would be difficult to imagine that fiber rope would fully displace steel any time soon.”

The full article can be read here.

Can Fiber Ever Fully Replace Steel Rope?


Peer to Peer Support - The Implementation of the EU Legislation on Marine Litter

23th November, 2022

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM -  In July 2019, the EU adopted the Single-Use Plastic Directive (EU)2019/904 to address the problem of pollution from both land and sea-based sources of marine litter. DG MARE organised a one-day event to promote peer to peer support on the implementation of the EU legislation on marine litter.

Discussion were taken on the measures regarding:

- Fishing gear containing plastics.
- Requirement for the Member States to set up extended producer responsibility schemes.
- National minimum collection targets and the monitoring and reporting obligations.
- How to explore synergies with the new Port Reception Facilities Directive, which creates incentives for ships to deliver all their waste, including fishing gear, back to shore.

Based on different models existing or experimental level in several countries, the participants expressed a desire to have a consolidated EU approach. Eurocord is very well placed in this perspective.

Happy to assess at least a Eurocord member was present.




Eurocord at Metstrade 2022

20th November 2022  

AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS -  On 16th and 17th November The Secretariat attented the Metstrade in Amsterdam. Metstrade is a trade show in leisure marine industry with around 1,300 exhibitors and thousands of visitors. The sector appears strong and relatively less affected by the crisis.



EXMAR acquires 100% OF BEXCO

10th November, 2022

ANTWERP, Belgium - EXMAR, which was the main shareholder of BEXCO, has now taken over full ownership in BEXCO by acquiring the shares. BEXCO is a European manufacturer of precision-engineered synthetic mooring, towing and lifting ropes for offshore, marine and industrial applications. BEXCO serves energy companies as well as ship and tug owners by designing and producing made-to-measure fiber rope at its Belgian main factory in Hamme and in Antwerp at its quayside manufacturing facility. EXMAR and BEXCO are both active worldwide in the commercial maritime and offshore energy markets. 


Avient Completes Acquisition of DSM Protective Materials (Dyneema®)

1st September 2022  

CLEVELAND, USA - Avient Corporation, a leading provider of specialized and sustainable material solutions, has completed its purchase of the protective materials business of DSM (including the Dyneema® brand), which will now be called Avient Protective Materials and reported within the company's Specialty Engineered Materials segment.

>>> Full article <<<



5th Joint Convention Eurocord & Cordage Institute 2022 - Memories of Vienna, Mozart's Masterpieces

20th July, 2022

Vienna… quite a souvenir ! We were 109 participants, featuring 89 delegates and 20 companions. Hosted and organized by Eurocord, it seems useful to me to stress we had 26 only Eurocord representatives, 13 only CI delegates and 50 (repeat 50) members of both organizations. Which underlines the status of “Marriage of Figaro” both our Associations are striving to. And the atmosphere was more one of “Exsultate, jubilate” than of a “Requiem”. Indeed, very recomforting to assess that the mood was good, not only because we met altogether for the first time since the pandemic, but most of all because our industry performs well, despite the various geopolitical, macroeconomic, economic and public health downturns we are (still) living in. The center of Vienna is particularly prone to host an event like ours. The scenery was magic, especially in the Ferstl Palace in the center and at the Schreiberhaus in Vienna’s outskirts, and I was told that the visits organized on Sunday by Artemezzo were definitely worthwhile. A nice “variation” on a corporate event. Unfortunately, however, some logistical shortcomings during our meetings (airco, welcome reception, sound & vision) understandably disappointed some participants.It is important we could collect everyone’s impressions after the event through our survey, which was numerously responded to. Thank you all! And then we had the several professional “sonatas” brought by our own artists on many different subjects. Whether performed by a “solist, a duo or a trio”, all the presentations were interesting, worthwhile and without any doubt securely prepared by their respective speakers. A pretty busy program, giving rise to a magic “symphony” of the ropes and nets business in our 2 continents. Not forgetting the presentations of some new members and the presence of reputable non-member companies, united by the concern we all daily have on the joys and the woes of our professional activities. I can only conclude that our Conventions, be they joint or separated, are made successful by the participants’ enthusiasm and participation. Obviously, this session featured this more than a bit, maybe just because “cosi fan tutte” ?

Looking forward to a new edition in 2024, this time hosted by our Cordage Institute friends. For Eurocord, we’re heading in 2023 to Italy, more details to follow soon.

- Philippe Verschueren Secretary General EUROCORD.






Wilhemsen’s Smart Rope stole the show at SMM

6th September, 2018

Visitors at this year’s SMM trade show in Hamburg, Germany, have been challenged to walk a mile in seafarers shoes and test out Wilhelmsen Ships Service’s smart rope system. The rope was put on display at the company’s stand and visitors were invited pull the rope and see what they are made of as the system provides real-time pull load results.

>>> Full article <<<


Svitzer A/S Adopts Samson Fusion-12™ Lines for Midsize Tugs

11st May, 2018

Svitzer A/S has done so to overcome the challenge of traditional fiber ropes which are usually heavy, large and difficult to handle. Moreover, the weight problem becomes greater when the rope is wet. Hence, the company was looking for a rope that could withstand the strain of standard operations encountered by midsize tugs, eliminating the headaches of undetected damage that can lead to early failure, but without the investment in high-performance, all-HMPE (high-modulus polyethylene) ropes. This is when Samson offered a great solution: Samson’s Fusion-12. As a hybrid rope, it blends the strength and performance of Dyneema® HMPE with polyester fiber into a single-braid construction that is significantly stronger than other polyester ropes, yet lighter, more flexible, and easier to handle.

>> Full case study <<


2nd International Circular Ocean Conference - Norway

19th  April 2018

The Secretariat attented an inspiring conference on circular ocean. Many interesting projects have been presented to tackle the issue of marine waste by recycling and reusing the ropes and nets that are dumped into the oceans. It has been shown that it can be very profitable and that there are many opportunities in this circular economy.

Here are some useful links:




Samson Presence in European Market

12nd April, 2018 

The worldwide leader in high-performance rope and market leader in commercial and recreational marine applications Samson has announced a expanded presence in the European market through Spain and its surrounding areas.

"We’re very pleased to see this new level of commitment to commercial and recreational marine customers in this region of Europe. Baitra has been a partner of ours in these industries since 2015, and we’re looking forward to extending Samson’s relationship with them long into the future.” says Samson Marketing Strategy Manager, Gavin McWilliams.

>> Full press release <<