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Glaukos Project

Alongside a few other Eurocord Members, our association is  involved in a new European Project, called Glaukos. Purpose is to start R&D and develop a new bio-based yarn, used in the manufacturing of ropes and nets (and subsidiarily also in textile fashion, apparel and clothing). Eurocord’s role is the dissemination of information to the “stakeholding group” of rope- and net manufacturing companies. Obviously also the collection of information from that group can make a difference, as time goes by.


Eurocord will timely update the information on the progress of the project and request, if needed, any reaction on the status of the works.


The project frames in the subsidized approach of the EU Institutions under Horizon 2020.


The European Commission and the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking invest 4,1 M € in a research project to drastically diminish plastic pollution. Glaukos will redesign the complete life cycle of fishing gear and clothing in a sustainable way.


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